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How It Works

There are currently 4 ways to order customized footwear with colored soles:


Create a pair of custom wingtips with Greenwich Vintage Co.’s signature colored soles using our online shop. Hand-crafted by the Company’s master cobbler, each pair is constructed from re-purposed wingtips and Greenwich Vintage’s in-house colored soles, creating a truly one-of-a kind shoe.

Resole & Restore

Let Greenwich Vintage re-craft your wingtips, boots or chukkas. Each restoration includes replacing your used soles with our signature Greenwich Vintage colored soles. In addition, our service refinishes your footwear to its former brilliance and provides colored laces to complement your new colored soles.

Iconic Colorways

We’ve taken the most popular color combinations of wingtip shoes and colored soles and made them easy to purchase.  Unlike our Build-To-Order plan, each Iconic Colorway has pre-determined options of shoe color, sole color, and sole type.  If you’d like to further customize your shoe please use our Built-To-Order plan.

Ready to Wear

Occasionally we have unique one-of-a-kind shoes that have already been recrafted by our Master Cobbler.  Each pair is available in 1 size only.  There are no customizations available for Ready to Wear colored soles.  If you see Ready-to-Wear colored soles that are not in your size you can build your own here.

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