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There are currently 4 ways to order customized footwear with colored soles:


Create a pair of custom wingtips with Greenwich Vintage Co.’s signature colored soles using our online shop. Hand-crafted by the Company’s master cobbler, each pair is constructed from re-purposed wingtips and Greenwich Vintage’s in-house colored soles, creating a truly one-of-a kind shoe.

Resole & Restore

Let Greenwich Vintage re-craft your wingtips, boots or chukkas. Each restoration includes replacing your used soles with our signature Greenwich Vintage colored soles. In addition, our service refinishes your footwear to its former brilliance and provides colored laces to complement your new colored soles.

Iconic Colorways

We’ve taken the most popular color combinations of wingtip shoes and colored soles and made them easy to purchase.  Unlike our Build-To-Order plan, each Iconic Colorway has pre-determined options of shoe color, sole color, and sole type.  If you’d like to further customize your shoe please use our Built-To-Order plan.

Ready to Wear

Occasionally we have unique one-of-a-kind shoes that have already been recrafted by our Master Cobbler.  Each pair is available in 1 size only.  There are no customizations available for Ready to Wear colored soles.  If you see Ready-to-Wear colored soles that are not in your size you can build your own here.


Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions aren’t answered here please fill out the contact form.


Do you have a physical location?

No. Greenwich Vintage sells exclusively through our online web store.

How do I purchase a pair of wingtips or boots with Greenwich Vintage’s colored soles?

There are four ways to purchase wingtips or boots with Greenwich Vintage’s signature colored soles.

1. You can purchase a pair from our Ready-To-Wear inventory available online.

2. You can purchase one of our Iconic Colorways with predetermined shoe styles and colored soles by simply selecting your shoe size and width.

3. You can purchase our Built-To-Order product and fully customize a wingtip or boot.

4. You can purchase our resole and restore product. For all purchases, simply follow the instructions listed for each product.

I saw a great shoe or boot online (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter), but I don’t see it on your webstore. How can I purchase that shoe or boot?

Some of our most popular custom shoes are available as Iconic Colorways or as a Limited Edition Ready-To-Wear product. Any shoes or boots not available online as Iconic Colorways or Ready-to-Wear were purchased via the webstore’s built-to-order or re-sole products. To complete your purchase, follow the product instructions and complete the order form.

If I have a pair of wingtips, boots or chukkas, can they be resoled with Greenwich Vintage’s signature colored soles?

Yes. Access Greenwich Vintage’s resole product, follow the product instructions and complete the order form.

I want to resole my wingtips, boots or chukkas. How do I send Greenwich Vintage my footwear?

For all resole purchases, please ship your wingtips, boots or chukkas to the address below:

Greenwich Vintage Co.

1003 Sugarbush Lane

Waconia, Minnesota 55387


Where can I find more information on pricing?

All pricing can be found on Greenwich Vintage’s webstore.

I want to ship my wingtips, boots or chukkas to Greenwich Vintage for resoling and restoration. Who covers that cost?

For all resole and restore purchases, the customer covers the cost of shipping
wingtips, boots or chukkas to our workshop in Waconia, Minnesota.

What is the turnaround time for built-to-order or resoled shoes or boots?

Approximately 2 to 4 weeks.

Where does Greenwich Vintage ship to?

Greenwich Vintage ships throughout the United States, as well as to the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Japan, China, Singapore, and Australia.

Is there a return policy?

Please see our terms for more information.

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