Resole Your Wingtips, Boots and Chukkas with Colored Soles


Let Greenwich Vintage re-craft your wingtips, boots or chukkas. Each restoration includes replacing your used soles with our signature Greenwich Vintage colored soles. In addition, our service refinishes your footwear to its former brilliance and provides colored laces to complement your new colored soles. Most importantly, each restoration is completed by hand by Greenwich Vintage’s Master Cobbler and our signature colored soles are MADE in AMERICA. To re-craft your wingtips, boots or chukkas, simply follow the steps below:

1. Select Sole Type

2. Select Sole Color

3. Select Midsole Color

4. Complete Your Purchase

5. Mail Your Wingtips, Boots or Chukkas to Greenwich Vintage at the Below Address

Greenwich Vintage Co.
1003 Sugarbush Lane
Waconia, Minnesota 55387

6. Greenwich Vintage Re-crafts Your Footwear and Ships it Back

7. Please Allow 2 to 4 Weeks for Re-crafting and Delivery


Green Glow Bricklayer Sole Photo by Matthew Hodgman
Green Glow Commando Sole Photo by Mark Tarman

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  1. Hunter (verified owner)

    I just received my re-soled boots back in the mail. The work was even better than I had expected. The color of the sole is exactly what it looked like on the webpage, the workmanship looks great, and they polished the boots and put in new laces. I would recommend this service to a friend.

  2. Thee-O (verified owner)

    I just got my re-soled loafers in last week and I couldn’t be happier with them. They just look damn hot. I have worn them out a few times already and I am constantly getting questions on them. Another sign of an excellent shoe is when people want to know more about it. Thank you for working your magic!

  3. Juan Manuel Acevedo V

    Me agradan los colores

  4. bersa

    Buen día me interesa saber si tienen este servicio en México D.F.?

    • Greenwich Vintage

      Yes, you just have to send your boots or shoes to us and we’ll resole them and send them back to you. Check our FAQ for more information.

  5. Darren Harris

    Would it be possible and the approximate cost to have my “as new” Red Wing Heritage 110th anniversary style #2015 “The Huntsman” fitted with with a double midsole that matches current sole(dyed brown) or would you recommend the other option of installing the Vibram 705 with double midsole dyed brown. I Just want to go with the more “chunky, Japanese style soles” I think they would look amazing and I have yet to see a pair with an upgraded custom sole. What would be the turn around be to have this custom upgrade completed? Thanks in advance

  6. Khairul Syahid

    Dear Sir, do you sell the boots soles to Malaysia? I am very interested in few color of your glow in the dark soles.

    • Greenwich Vintage

      Yes, we ship to Malaysia all the time.

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