Greenwich Vintage’s primary focus is re-crafting and re-purposing wingtips, boots and chukkas with our signature in-house colored soles. In addition, we resole and restore customers’ footwear with our signature colored soles, preserving and improving on the past for future generations.

Greenwich Vintage takes pride in being keepers of the craft, in that all of our in-house footwear is designed and handcrafted under the direction of our master cobbler at our workshop in Waconia, Minnesota.

Finally, Greenwich Vintage is proud of the fact that we do our best to bring you our products, from footwear with colored soles, clothing, as well as accessories, are MADE in AMERICA.


Greenwich Vintage Co. was founded in 2011 by Tamas “Zen” Pomazi. Mr. Pomazi is Greenwich Vintage’s master cobbler and the creator of the Company’s signature colored soles.


Greenwich Vintage is based in Waconia, Minnesota. Our products can be purchased through this site’s store.

Greenwich Vintage also participates in numerous pop-up men’s markets across the United States, including Northern Grade (www.northerngrade.com), American Field (www.americanfield.us) and Confirmed Stock (www.confirmedstock.com).​

If you have any questions about our products please read our FAQ before contacting us.